Croma Retail had been launched by Infiniti Retail Limited, one of the world’s leading retailers. Offering customers over 6000 products across eight categories, the name of Croma is well recognized for fulfilling nearly every electronic requirement of their consumers. They have a pretty active presence on their Facebook and Twitter, with a track record of holding popular contests on the latter network.
For Women’s Day, Croma Retail wished to avoid celebrating the spirit of motherhood by hosting another regular Twitter Contest with product giveaways like most brands, and decided to focus on a more noble cause of educating girl children in India by teaming up with Concern India Foundation.
On sale of every Croma branded product until Women’s Day, a percentage of the money will go to the charity to help educate a hundred young girls.
The team highlighted this initiative on the social networks by avoiding prizes to gratify the audience. Instead, the incentive used were surprises, a video filmed on the day of the campaign and a finale with a twist that was certain to drive the message through to the audiences.
Objectives of the Social Media Campaign
Create awareness of girl education within the community
Act as an enabler towards change and make a difference to the lives of 100 young girls.
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