Cozydorms is India’s first online hostel accommodation especially made for the new generation of students with the best amenities. Our task was to create a fun and quirky wall illustrations for Cozydorms to make the place more visually attractive and connect with the younger target groups.
We researched and picked scenarios that are most common across the engineering & medical campuses (as those are two types of universities located within the area). After studying the themes, we illustrated them out, adding minor details to each character and making them an exaggerated version of the types of students and professors you meet at universities (the flirt, the egghead, the forever alone guy etc).
We created wall illustrations for the main lobby area, elevator pillars, dining room and living room, which were later printed on sunboard and mounted up on the wall. The dining area specifically, was used as a wallpaper sticker instead of sunboard since the illustration stretched across two walls
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