Spending the Sunday with dragons at my #mantasticmedieval castle. Anything is possible when you smell like #OldSpice 
Creation of #Mantastic Men
Zhongni says 'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.' 

Let me add a visual to that thought, this is how a#mantastic workplace looks. By the way, Zhongni also goes by the name... Confucius.
For years, scientists and wizards have spend sleepless nights wondering what makes #OldSpiceso #Mantastic! Well, the quest ends today.
I was on a #Mantastic voyage in the clear waters of Kerala when a mountain faced to be an obstruction. Nothing a high five can't fix.
They say an average male body is made up of about 65% water content. In retrospect an #OldSpiceWhitewater is made up of 100% #Mantasticfragrance. Have you immersed in the waves of the Whitewater manliness?
Good things come to those who wait and when those things are #Mantastic they come by Land, Sea and Air 
Guess sometimes even sharks want to smell#Mantastic!
I was tired of being awesome, so I decided to be a horse. Well that is pretty awesome too.
Oh how I love rains. They remind me of the time when I was making paper boats in the monsoon along with my good old friend Noah!
One doesn't need to swim across the seven seas when one can part it with their #Mantastic smell & just walk through it!
Today being the last Monday for the calender year of 2013, I want you to face the 'uphill' task that you face on a daily basis and conquer them, much like how it is depicted in this art. And just as we have come to learn, no #mantastic art is complete without a helicopter.
Fun Friday Fact : The series Walking with Dinosaursfailed to cover a very interesting phenomenon. It seems the species dinosauria had an acute liking for the #mantastic bottle of Old Spice. Now that's original!
My dad likes everything old, so today I built this medieval styled castle just for him & replaced the security system with a fire-spitting dragon! What did you gift your dad?
Ahoy mates! Here's a sneak peek into the#Mantastic #OldSpice treasure chest. So tell me, what would you have in your treasure chest?
When life gives you lemons, squeeze them with your manly hands to make some extra cans of #OldSpiceFresh Lime & feel #Mantastic!
A wise man once said, " You can't just let nature run wild" What he was implying is you can't just let nature run wild without a dash of #OldSpice
Sunday is a day for relaxation & rejuvenation. What better way to achieve this than applying #OldSpiceand connecting with the wild. I'm feeling #Mantastic. Are you?
The term 'water-resistant' just got a taste of the#Mantastic treatment.
My travels have taken me to the length & breath of our #Mantastic planet Earth and nothing has been so visually spectacular as the #northernlights. Well other than my flying ship of course.
A series of creative social media content for Old Spice India.
As a young brand portraying real men can do anything, with a little surreal overtones, we used photomanipulation combined with witty copy text to create content that resonates perfectly with our target audience and focus more on brand tonality. Using the four fragrances as four separate personas, we quickly created separate identities for each bottle and subtly placed them in hyperrealistic environments to signify all the things one can imagine doing with old spice
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