Vivanta by Taj were about to relaunch one of their retreats in Madikeri Coorg. The hotel is 4000 feet above sea level making it a private eden, pristine and elusive by nature.  It can be described as a 200 acre biosphere surrounded by wildlife with a panorama view from every room.
Their description states : “A biosphere retreat for the cosmopolitan wanderlust seeking a new rejuve, great mornings, splendid sunsets and connect with nature. We are an organic retreat, and an extension of the natural Coorg Rainforest”
Our task
To set up a prelaunch activity for Vivanta where we let the audience experience uncovering  the biodiversity of the rainforest. The problem faced was not many were aware of the rainforests of Coorg and most consumers (according to Vivanta’s study) considered coorg to be more famous for coffee. Our role was to change this mindset by letter the vivanta consumer rediscover coorg and have fun uncovering the wildlife that surrounds the hotel.
A facebook app was created using one of Coorg’s jungle photographs. The hotel guides provided us with a list of wildlife that’s often spotted during their nature trails. We isolated the top 10 birds and animals and used photoshop to place them within the background.  The user gets a chance to find the wildlife via a pair of virtual binoculars and once spotted, the app provides a short description related to the bird or animal. Once all the wildlife is found, the user is told to stop playing this on a virtual level and come experience the real thing, followed by a booking invitation to the “soon-to-open” Vivanta at Coorg.
Over 10000 people interacted with our application and nearly 400+ bookings were made for the new hotel during the course of one month.
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