Simplipedia is a weblog that hosts a Wikitionary of simplified interpretations from users; curated by SBI’s Team Simplify
As the name suggests, Simplipedia will simplify all terms complex – from exotic destinations, to lifestyle experiences; tongue-twisting cuisines to gadgets & gizmos, covering all the broad categories facilitated by SBI and wherever possible, an offer from SBI cards is plugged in.
How it would work
Users can search for a keyword or browse Simplipedia by category. Alternatively, they can explore Simplipedia, one term at a time by launching a random word. Simplified terms are plugged in with a relevant offer on SBI Cards (wherever possible). Users can filter through the recently Simplified terms, most popular ones (based on total likes and shares) too. Subscribing to Simplipedia will have new Simplifications emailed to them daily. Users can like and share a simplified term on their Facebook or Twitter by logging-in and can send a new term with their simplified descriptions in a category (to be curated by Team Simplify before showcasing on site, along with a relevant offer if possible)
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