Looking to Oreo’s blackout tweet as the holy grail, countless brands and agency teams started focusing towards real-time content marketing within their routine content plan. Apart from the Superbowl, everything from birthdays of celebrities, to movie and product launches, even global newsworthy headlines such as US Government Shutdown or the birth of the Royal Baby etc were up for memorable, meme-worthy moments that can be translated into branded posts on social media.
Working with Old Spice India as a client, we tested the waters of real-time marketing early on, and the breakthrough moment came during the birth of the Royal Baby. Since then we frequently pick up newsworthy topics like Amazon drones to Flappy bird shut-down etc. and gives them the Old Spice Touch.
You can view them on the Old Spice India Facebook Page.
Get the throne ready, there's a new Manly King in town! 
Real men don’t need minions... they need Manions! Which #OldSpice Deo will you pick to be your Manion?
He is the ‘original’ king of rock and roll, a global popular culture icon loved by all and here he is dressed as Elvis Presley. So manly men, tell us which pop culture icon would you like to see#OldSpice donning.
Andy Warhol definitely knew the art to pop open the#OldSpice deodorants and smell #Mantastic! 
I smell #Mantastic 'With a little help from my friends!' What say men?
The only feeling that comes close to being#Mantastic is to be free! Happy Independence Day men! 
Tribute to the MAN who made everything#Mantastic, only after me of course!
Everyone loves #Google, I know. So today as they celebrate fifteen glorious years of existence, I'm giving them a little sneak peak of what the manliest search engine on the internet could look like.#Mantastic enough, Mr. Page?
Whilst certain superpower's federal government shuts down, at the ministry of ‪#‎Mantastic‬, its business as usual.
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