Tata DOCOMO has built a strong Twitter follower base of over 44000. They are the right beta customers for the organization and provide higher value realization as compared to the general user. They are also technology evolved and prefer the convenience of transacting online. Sale of various packs is a key revenue driver for Tata DOCOMO.

The challenge was to create an e-commerce platform in Twitter where users could transact merely by sending a tweet.

Twittcom or Twitter commerce was born with this vision in mind. The idea was conceptualized along the lines of the USSD service that operators provide the SIM cards where an authenticated user could purchase packs by sending messages to the central server and paying through a decrement of his prepaid balance. However, in the case of Twittcom the challenge was to provide a secure transaction system that was at the same time completely convenient for the user.
To be able to transact through Twittcom, the user had to first associate his mobile number with his Twitter handle. He could do this through a specially created web page or by sending a tweet with the hashtag #reg to @tatadocomo along with his mobile number.
The Twittcom platform would then send him a 6 digit authentication code via SMS to his mobile number. The user would then need to tweet back the code from his twitter handle to complete the registration process.
A unique hashtag was defined for each of the available products at a circle level. At any time when the user wanted to purchase any pack he simply needed to tweet the hashtag assigned to the pack along with #act. The platform would check if the pack is available in its circle and if the user has sufficient balance and would then activate the pack by reducing his available balance. A confirmation tweet and SMS would follow.

In the first month after launch, more than 5000 customers registered for Twittcom.
More than 10000 transactions have already taken place through the platform
The average value per transaction more than doubled that of a regular customer
Twittcom has added another dimension to the youthful and social media savvy image of Tata DOCOMO.
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