Vermillion approached us for a full brand identity revamp of their company. They provide debt & debt advisory services and equity & equity advisory services to businesses.

Their existing logo (a shield with wings) was unchanged since the company’s inception and was looking outdated per current logo trends. Their biggest pain point was that it no longer fit with the brand positioning and wished for a brand identity that signifies Trust, Transparency and expertise in our field of Investment Banking
Target audience is mid-sized Corporates on the demand side and Banks / NBFCs on the supply side. Their target audience should perceive them as elite and elegant, helpful and powerful, awe-inspiring yet grounded and suave and dignified.Demographically, their TG is businessmen having an approximate requirement of raising 25 Crs and above
We wanted to create a simple and striking brand identity with flexibility to work across their sub brands, something that can still stand out and retain the rich redness of the term “vermillion”. After several chance iterations on using multiple symbol options, we were inspired from the USA today identity and weaved a custom version for Vermillion.
This was the final result and it worked perfectly as both being simple when required while retaining the flexibility to be used across all their brands, and turn unique and complex whenever needed.
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