Ambriona Cacao Blends Pvt Ltd is a premium grade chocolate manufacturing company offering a range of luxury chocolates made from the finest cocoa beans and gourmet ingredients sourced globally. Under the main umbrella brand, there are two chocolates, Ambriona and Daarzel.

Ambriona chocolates targets the premium audience and are designed for elegance,  focusing on the logo printed in gold foil. The logo represents the Mayan goddess Ixcacao, holding the cacao pod in her hand offering it to the people. The goddess plays a strong resonance with the Mayan culture and influence.

The packaging is twofold, the exterior package showcases the key ingredients of the chocolate, using colors like cobalt blue, violet, and almond brown, thus resonating with the flavors. These are printed on a pure white matte finish paper. The inner packaging showcases the story and process of how cacao is grown, harvested and processed. The image shows an ancient Mayan city, referring to its architecture and the Mayan temple, along with the field showing the cacao harvesting process from start to finish, eventually being shipped off at the dockyards.

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